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Magne Therm (Nanotherics)

Image removed.The magneTherm™ system is a system that allows for hyperthermia tests with nanoparticles and magnetic fluids. It operates over a wide range of user configurable frequencies. It has modules for assays with single nanoparticles, for cell cultures, for focused drug release assays, and for in vivo assays..




ZEISS Axio microscopeVert.A1

Image removed.Inverted microscope with led illumination that allows observations of live or fixed samples in bright field, phase contrast and fluorescence contrast. LED lighting allows cells to be kept alive for longer.






Nuair CO2 Incubator

Image removed.NU-5700 CO2 incubators for cell culture have touch panel control and monitoring of temperature and CO 2 levels inside a 160 l stainless steel chamber with HEPA filter according to ISO Class 5. It has a self-sterilization system





TOP AIR biosafety cabinet


Image removed.TopAir's Class II Biological Safety Cabinets for cell cultures. It has a high level of protection against contamination, based on two advanced ULPA (Ultra Low Air Penetration) mini-pleated filters that operate with a typical efficiency of 99.999%, which exceeds conventional HEPA filters.






Infinite 200 PRO Multimode Plate Reader (TECAN)

Image removed.Multimode plate reader with M Nano+ configuration allows to analyze samples by absorbance and fluorescence in the UV-Vis spectrum. Analyze samples in 96-well plates and in quartz cuvettes. 





Memmert Incubator I

Image removed.IN110 incubator for microbiological culture. It has a 110L capacity and a temperature range of 20 to 80°C.





JSR Biosafety Cabinet

Image removed.Biological safety cabinet Class II Type A2 for microbiological cultures. Features aluminum frame mini-pleat HEPA filters with rated filtration efficiency of 99.993% ~ 99.995% for airborne particles larger than 0.3um





HITACHI high speed refrigerated centrifuge

Image removed.High speed refrigerated centrifuge CR22N allows up to 55,000 g of centrifugation. It has several rotors which allows centrifuging samples in 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tubes up to 1 L capacity bottles.