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CO2 incubator, MMMGROUP brand

Image removed.Cell incubator at controlled temperature and CO2 pressure, this device is used to maintain and grow cell cultures. The incubator has a controller that precisely and stably maintains the temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide (CO2) content in its interior atmosphere, in order to have optimal conditions for cell growth. 




Japan optical brand optical microscope

Image removed.Inverted optical microscope, which allows to observe culture bottles or cell culture plates. It is equipped with a long working distance plan achromatic objective, the long or ultra long working distance condenser, the wide field eyepiece and the phase contrast accessory.




Biosafety Cabinet Class II A2, Biobase brand

Image removed.The Class II A2 Biological Safety Cabinet is a kind of negative pressure filtration system to protect the operator, the laboratory and the working material. The front opening where the air flows in protects the operator, the laminar flow filtration with HEPA (ULPA) filter protects the work material, and also the contaminated air is purified by the HEPA (ULPA) filter. This allows for the manipulation and treatment of cell lines with the nanomaterials.




Biobase brand autoclave 

Image removed.Automatic vertical autoclave, allows the sterilization of the necessary material for cell culture. It has a microprocessor control system, which sterilizes at constant temperature. It uses immersion heating, using saturated steam to ensure effective sterilization in a short time. It has dry layers that help dry sterilization products. It also has a built-in water tank, where the water circulates inside, saving energy. 




MiliQ Water Purifier, Androna brand

Image removed.It is a water purification system, the feed water needs to be pre-treated by reverse osmosis and stored in the built-in tank which needs to be filled with the pre-treated water. There are 3 variations available: Onsite+ Trace, Onsite+ HPLC, Onsite+ Bio. This equipment produces pure water that meets the requirements of the ISO 3696 standard for Grade I Water, with biological applications..




Microplate Reader

Microplate reader allows detecting the absorbance of 96-well plates, through the incidence of light on the sample with a specific wavelength, and a detector that measures the percentage of light transmitted. The absorbances obtained make it possible to evaluate, among other things, enzymatic activity, which is why it is used in the assay to determine cell viability..

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