Nanoenvironmental Laboratory

Submitted by Oscar on Thu, 06/08/2023 - 14:30

Condensation Particle Counter model bCPC brand AIRMODUS

Image removed.Atmospheric particle counter that uses the condensation method. Condenses a layer of n-butanol on the particles to increase their size and lower the detection limit





Electron-mobility meter  modelo Z-metter 4.0

Image removed.Electrophoretic mobility meter for the determination of surface charge of particles in liquid suspension. It allows to measure the charge in different conditions of the solution, including to obtain the isoelectric point of a material




Aerosol particle monitor Nanotracer model, OXILITY brand

Image removed.Allows counting the concentration and size of particles in the air. Its small size and low weight allow it to be used in portable mode to accompany the user during possible exposure scenarios to nanomaterials in work environments.





Low pressure particle impactor model ELPI+ brand DEKATI

Image removed.Low pressure electric impactor that allows to count, measure the mass, record the size distribution and capture atmospheric particles from nanometric to micrometric sizes (6 – 10,000 nanometers). Its special characteristic is the capture of nanomaterials, which allows subsequent characterizations such as determination of its morphology, chemical composition, detection of pathogens, etc. depending on the size of the particles