Laboratory nanoneuro molecular biology

Submitted by Oscar on Thu, 06/08/2023 - 12:42

Electrophysiology equipment to detect electrical currents in Xenopus oocytes

Image removed.This equipment is based on: 2 Warner OC-725C clamps, 1 minidata entry unit, 4 micromanipulators, perfusion pump, cold light and the minor equipment necessary to record the electrical currents produced by ion channels in these cells. Its use makes it possible to detect the activity of ion channels activated by ligands, or NPs, both intact ion channels and other artificially mutated ones.



Complete set of electrophysiology of neurons and brain slices with the capacity to fix the electric current in patches of neurons

Image removed.This equipment consists of an anti-vibration table, an inverted NIKon microscope, two patch clamp units with digitata and a built-in PC with two sets of Klein-Diek and Sikiyou micromanipulators, electrical stimulators and digital data acquisition systems, a vibratome for preparing slices of SNC, digital oscilloscope to calibrate electrical signals. With this equipment, mini electric currents are detected both in cells and in "cellular patches", which will allow currents or their modifications by nanoparticles to be measured.


Equipment for detecting changes in calcium currents

Image removed.This equipment is associated with the inverted microscope and allows the very delicate measurement of intracellular calcium flows (movements) associated with biological signals. It also has a wavelength exchanger, fluorescent light source, filter wheel, rapid perfusion equipment and a high-sensitivity CCD camera..



Cellular and Molecular Biology Equipment

Image removed.The lab has a laminar flow hood, a temperature-controlled cell incubator, thermocyclers, Eppendorf mini centrifuges, electrophoresis chambers, power supplies, and other necessary inputs to measure protein migration in polyacrylamide gels and, through this separation, try to identify it. In addition, this methodology allows the detection and characterization of proteins according to their molecular weight.



3D printer and supplies

Image removed.This equipment allows you to make polymer matrices of different plastics.




Pipette stretcher and associated microforging equipment

Image removed.Allows preparation of microelectrodes for recording ion channels.




Stereotaxic equipment for delivering drugs and other compounds into brain nuclei

Image removed.Equipment designed to fix the head of a laboratory animal in one position and administer specific drugs and chemical reagents to a determined region of the CNS